I got so much done over the weekend: Finished a knitted accessory that was supposed to be a gift but won’t fit the intended recipient (I’ll try again); started over on a new pair of Twilight mittens for myself (Twilight, I wish I could quit you); sewed something secret for a holiday gift; sewed my Liberty peacock-print dress; and finished the beige cardigan.

Here’s the dress:

And here’s the cardigan:

Funny thing about the cardigan–I re-did the front three times to get it perfect. Then I got to the knitted border and collar and I used a smaller needle so it wouldn’t droop. I over-compensated, though, so the border came out a little short and tight, which is why the bottom flips up in that little diamond fold. I told myself that I like the “adapted” shape–and I do–but it’s not how it’s supposed to be. I may end up re-doing the border…I’ll wear it first and see.