The last thing I knit and finished was those legwarmers for my yoga teacher in February. (The knit tie was knitting up way too thick to actually tie in a knot, so that’s been shelved.) I just realized this lack of knitting may be contributing to feeling like I need hippie affirmations all the time. 
But what to knit? Sure, I could finish the two sweaters for me lying around, but I think I need a new project. And I think Skyler needs a little hooded sweater for the fall. 
Construction-wise, I think this pattern (“Duck Soup“) wins (knit in one piece, plus the cuffs and hood edges can  be rolled back to accommodate him growing):
But I love the Christopher-Robin-ness of “Roo” (and the real toggle closures, vs. knitted ones):
So planning has begun. I just hope this kid doesn’t grow too fast between now and the end of the year–look how big he’s getting!