Is this pretty much a romper I would have worn when I was 8, down to the pink and purple? Yes. Do I love it? Yes.

This is another Project Work From Home jumpsuit, out of leftover Spoonflower poly jersey I had bought back when I was launching an undie business. (Yes, the fabric says CLEVER GIRL and HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS.)

One-piece dressing has proven to be so much easier in this WFH life, and knits are always comfier, so I went looking for a good knit jumpsuit pattern. I had seen this vintage Kwik Sew pattern but didn’t want to pay $18 for it:

I saw this similar pattern for $7 and decided to just trace off the Greenstyle Brassie Joggers on the bottom half (matching the waist and crotch curves to the original) to get the pants I wanted.

I liked the pattern for the vintage 80s style and for the back detail, which has PERFECTLY placed straps to cover bra straps. Overall I’m really impressed with the drafting on these vintage Kwik Sew patterns–the hype is real (and I guess they’re worth $18).

I actually made another version of this pattern with the ankle cuffs first out of different fabric, but the dino print jumped the line for the blog (understandably). Regardless, I’m set for the end of summer at the home office.