This is the face you make when you wear JEANS that you MADE to the ARCADE:


I don’t have a new hobby (yet) but my friend is really into pinball, so I joined her for a Saturday morning and also wore these JEANS. Did I mention I MADE them? And they FIT?


These are the Daughter Judy Worship Jeans and I made ZERO pattern adjustments. I did go down a size–it calls for a 12-ounce rigid denim and I was using a 7-ounce (barely) stretch denim. I had one bad moment when I sewed them up for real and thought maybe I shouldn’t have interfaced the waistband, but they’ve relaxed.

Many people on the internet were complaining about the fly front instructions but I thought they were perfect–clear and logical and made for a really clean professional finish. I did make a rookie mistake and use a pant zipper vs a jean zipper; turns out jean zippers have a more robust locking mechanism, so it remains to be seen if the zipper is going to stay up long term. But that’s why I was treating these as a wearable muslin and used the cheap denim. And it’s nothing my Rainbow Brite sweatshirt can’t hide.

If you couldn’t tell by the caps lock, I’m delighted by the fact I finally made jeans that fit. I’ve definitely made more complicated projects but for some reason these really feel like magic. I’m going to try the straight leg version next!