I finished the first pair of my Year of Socks just a couple days into February–so far I’m on schedule! (It helps that this pair is made with two strands of sock yarn held together, so it knits up twice as fast as a regular pair.)

These are the Thicksgiving Socks from Summer Lee Knits in sock yarn from my stash (I actually unraveled an ancient unfinished sock project to get that purple yarn and finally use it up). Overall, they might be a little big, but this pair is FINALLY long enough for my foot–turns out that I was starting the toe decreases way too early on all my other pairs.

I also made my first peasant heel and yes, they are super fun, but all the reading I did about the fit not being great was right. I found that NOT doing a kitchener stitch at the end and just drawing the yarn through the last 12 stitches helped them stay a little flatter. (Kitchener on the left, “top of a hat” finish on the right below. You can see my heel stitch pickup on the right/second sock is nicer, too:)

I feel like I’m off to a good start with my sock project and have already learned a lot. I’m trying the other Thicksgiving Sock variation for my February pair (in the same size, since I suspect the ribs in January’s might be throwing off the fit).

Sock science!