First of all, have you seen this (entirely sold out and nowhere near my price range) collaboration between Gucci and North Face?

The whole thing might have been engineered in a lab to appeal to me: Bright primary colors! Being stylish in the Alps! PRINTS ON YOUR PARKA!

Seriously, shopping for ready to wear outerwear is just all solids, all the time, and the colors you get are either teal, black, or olive. Shopping for outerwear fabric is a little better–I have neon orange softshell waiting to be sewn up right now–but I can only hope that this fashun moment will trickle down into more prints on the trail.

Until then, I found this DWR polyester while shopping for my softshell and I bet you could use it to re-create that Gucci lewk:

Jalie even makes a pattern for a puffer. Hmmm…..