This week’s projects are all for the sewing room. In the 5-year plan, I want to finish the basement (I use the term “I” loosely) and move the sewing stuff downstairs. But until then, I wanted to get the room a little more done. That meant a table and lamp from IKEA and some fabric projects.

First I got my dad to deliver and cut some Homasote and loan me his staple gun (thanks, Dad!). Then my project supervisor had to approve my plans:

Then I stretched some fabric over the Homasote and stapled and in about 20 minutes I had a bulletin board. (I still need to get it mounted on the wall–and pin things to it–but this gives you an idea. That’s the new table, too.)

I also made a new polka dotted ironing board cover. I used this tutorial and it worked like a charm:

And here’s one last shot of everything together–the “ironing” view:
Now I just need some real blinds for the rooms upstairs…I guess I can’t make those.