Let me just start with a house update: I have a closing time set for tomorrow. This is a step farther than I got before, when I had a day but no time, but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop and by god, if anyone tries anything funny with the final closing costs, I am walking. (If that happens, I’ll just pretend that my construction deposit was for a vacation. A vacation that nearly gave me a stroke.)

But going to back to last week, when I was going to close and didn’t, I was trying to sleep Friday and ended up on the Fashion Fabrics Club site, where they had some really great stuff for spring, and I thought, “Maybe I can’t buy a house this weekend, but I CAN buy fabric.” And I did.

I bought some big print sateen for a shift dress, inspired by a Lily Pulitzer dress:

I bought some big dots to make a skirt for that Cynthia Rowley bodice I abandoned in the summer (it should work out to be similar to this dress from Boden):

And I bought a Japanese print knit, because I will take anything in a Japanese print.

Now it just needs to be spring. And I just need to unpack my sewing room.