After making that crane dress with the bottom ruffle, suddenly I’m all about 1. volume (like the culottes); 2. dresses; and especially 3. dresses with volume. After a twelve-year hiatus from Big Dresses, I’m back and I’m twirling!




This is McCalls 7948 in a yarn dyed stripe that I first saw at Stonemountain. (It was sold out when I wanted to order so I tracked it down on, but looks like it’s back in stock!) I wouldn’t have ever thought to look at McCalls but saw Martha Moore’s version in white eyelet and thought, “Wow, that looks big and chic.”

I hadn’t worked with a Big 4 pattern in years so I forgotĀ how big they are–if I make this again, I’d size down for the bodice/redraw the shoulders like Martha did, but the boxiness doesn’t bother me too much. I think it’s giving off Ace & Jig vibes in the stripes, and Big Dresses can’t be beat for comfort.