I only have car trips planned for the year, no flights to exotic destinations, but here I am making things I could take with me to Hawaii or Palm Springs.

I wanted to keep using up those scraps of upholstery fabric. I also wanted to re-create the fun of working with a new material and following a good pattern, like the toiletry bag last week. Well, I worked with a new material (cork!) but I didn’t love the pattern (the Flip Clutch Wallet by Spencer Ogg).

I think part of the difficulty was that the pattern is designed for fabrics that will hold a press, and cork and outdoor fabric just won’t. I think the other issue is just the drafting–the credit card pockets and lining were the exact same size as the outer, and I know better by now and should have trimmed them down by an eighth of an inch.

I need to add a wrist strap but I do think this will be a useful clutch/wallet for going out to dinner or replacing a purse when you want to travel light. The pockets are wonderful–a slip in one for your phone and a zippered one for anything you need to secure.

Writing this up, I realize it’s my first really involved bag project in years, with magnetic snaps and continuous coil zippers and cork to boot. I SUPPOSE there’s a possibility that my struggles weren’t entirely the fault of the pattern….