Did any of us think this day would come? I have a finished quilt top and quilt back that are ready to be quilted now!

No, these are not complicated quilt patterns, and they didn’t involve lots of little pieces. But they did involve enough math that I didn’t feel up to it a lot of the time, and I dare you to try working on a queen-size quilt in your 500-square-foot apartment. It doesn’t go very well–which is why I worked on it at my parents’ house, on the weekends. (I’m sure that they can’t believe this is out of their basement.)

I’m going to say this is 2/3 done, provided I can find someone to machine-quilt this for me. Then I can pick it up all quilted and do the binding. It sounds so easy, right?

Of course, I feel kind of like this when I really consider how far I have to go: