When this quarantine started, I realized that if I just sewed clothing I’d come out of it with three new wardrobes. So I’ve been making baby gifts, I’ve been making masks–and now I’ve made a few house projects that have been on the list for a long time.

First up, a serger cover and a matching ironing board cover: The fabric on both is a Japanese dobby from eQuilter. I used the CCP free serger cover pattern and made my own piping, because Jo-Ann is entirely sold out of anything resembling bias tape. It’s a little big–you can see the hem folded under there–but it keeps the dust off.

The ironing board cover “pattern” is just the shape of your ironing board plus 3 inches all around. Then you sew a bias tape casing to the edges, thread the drawstring through, and boom! A fresh new ironing surface, without fading or scorch marks or interfacing glue.


For the last house project, I made a silk pillowcase (recommended for curly hair). I’d had one but it blew out at the seams a couple months ago (unsurprising, since it was a $15 online buy). So I got a yard of deadstock charmeuse from Stonemountain and made a better one:

I love this print and the silk is way more luxurious than my previous version. It makes me feel so fancy, I want to get more of the fabric and make pajamas and a robe to match–although that might just be all the Phryne Fisher mysteries I’m reading.