In continuing to sew for what my life looks like now, I made a new pair of gym tights. (Gym disclaimer: it’s about the only place I go; I know it’s a calculated risk; the reward is greater than the risk for me; I feel safer there than at the grocery store; I always wear a mask around family in case I pick anything up.)

Anyway, I squeaked these out of a yard of $15 spandex from a place in NYC called, accurately, Spandex World.  They’re the new Cavallo Leggings from Greenstyle and the pockets are HUGE. They’re also pretty fast to make and, so far, I haven’t noticed any mobility issues from the lack of a gusset.

I didn’t have a lot of leftovers but I loved the green and orange so much I used every last scrap on another Watson Bra (my sixth; there’s another bra blog coming) and some matching undies (the Trixie Briefs from Jennifer Lauren Handmade).

And since I had green thread in the serger and was using up scraps, I made another Ogden Cami to wear at home in the leftovers from this skirt.

Sewing for the life you have is pretty fun, it turns out–you can still be stylish at the gym or kicking around the house (or in your underwear, I guess).