I cleared this past weekend to get the top and back done for the t-shirt quilt I’m making for a friend, so we can take it to be machine quilted next week. The good news: There’s a border on the top!

You can see it pre-border here. I think that little bit of framing really finishes it off and makes it look just like a real quilt.

That was Saturday. Sunday I moved on to the back, with graph paper and everything:

But I made the fatal flaw of thinking I remembered how much fabric we had bought for the backing way back in May. (You’ll notice there is no “purple” measurement noted on that graph paper–oh, folly.) So I’m short by a good 18 inches on one side.

My plan is to go find similar (or, miraculously, the same) fabric and just get enough yardage to make the back as planned, rather than adding a fourth fabric–but I stopped after work yesterday and the fabric store was closed due to a power outage!

I’m feeling pretty thwarted (and pressured–this has to get dropped off to be quilted to make the return trip with my friend) but maybe I just need to take a tip from Toby, who didn’t care at all that the fabric wasn’t big enough:


“It’s big enough to hide under, mama, so I think it’s great.”