Is it even a holiday season if I don’t make at least one version of McCalls 6044? At this point, probably not. Shaking things up a bit, this year my dad got a shirt, in a tasteful Dad Plaid.

I wanted to make him something warm since he keeps his house cold, so I got some Kaufman Durango Flannel from Bolt Fabrics (now sold out). The thickness of it made for some tricky sleeve vents and hems but it’s stayed together so far and he reports it’s cozy.

(Check out those pattern-matched pockets!)


Doc got another birthday shirt, which is never really a surprise since I run the fabric choices by him first. Because he has excellent taste, he picked this “Hats for Cats” print from Hart’s Fabric. It’s quilting cotton but maybe the nicest quilting cotton I’ve ever seen–much closer to a shirting, in my opinion.

The print was a lot of fun to work with (and not only because I didn’t have to match any plaids, just these shoulder overlays): There are indeed cats! wearing hats! all over it.

Finally, is it even a gift given in 2020 if you don’t make a matching mask?