I got Doc’s nephew in his family’s gift exchange this year. The nephew plays Dungeons and Dragons (and I’m 100% sure he doesn’t read this) so I sewed him a dice bag with themed fabric:

The outer fabric is a fat quarter from Spoonflower, in a print that has PG swearing/puns/cats–these are all very popular in the family:
I paid $5 for a basic tutorial on Etsy because I didn’t want to figure it out on my own…and then ended up doing the openings for the cord differently and figuring it out on my own anyway (but it’s a good tutorial all the same).

When I was pondering making this, I asked my own friends who play D&D if such a thing would be useful/welcome and they said yes, especially with some more dice inside. So I got him this set–more puns and general wackiness.

Will he like it? Probably! Was it a fun little make? Yeah! Did I deep dive into the world of game dice and see so many different kinds? You know it.