After she saw Doc’s Catagonia, my friend (who just adopted 2 more kittens) asked me to make one just like it for her son’s 11th birthday in January. Her own birthday was yesterday so while I was buying fleece over Thanksgiving, I saw this new arrival and thought, “Make one for her and mail them together!” And so I did:

This is Joann’s Blizzard Fleece in an amazing “Mod Cat” print. It’s their lightest weight but that worked out, since my friend lives in a warm climate. I finished the sleeves and hem with foldover elastic and used some Snap Source cap snaps I had, since KAM Snaps didn’t have an exact color match. (Of course I had to use some of that custom label order, too.)

My friend was so surprised and pleased when this was delivered Saturday–and I was so relieved it fit!