The theme around here seems to be “fix what you can” because I have some more alterations of old projects in the queue and I just re-made Doc’s anniversary shirt. You’ll remember I used a different pattern in the spring and it turned out too small. I was at JoAnn Fabrics at some point after that and saw this very similar plaid on sale, so I grabbed it.

You’ll notice that this version has more “flair”–Western yoke, bias-cut pockets, pearl snaps–and I blame that on watching both seasons of Queer Eye between the first version and this iteration. (Speaking of snaps, I highly recommend Snap Source.)

I went back to the trusty McCalls 6044 I’ve used for him and it fits just fine. This fabric is also far less prone to wrinkling than the original fancy Japanese plaid, so chalk one up for Indian cotton from JoAnn.