Back at the start of quarantine, I ordered something from all my favorite indie fabric stores, both to support them and to make sure I didn’t run out of fabric.* Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver had just gotten a shipment of Ruby Star “Tiger Fly” rayon so I grabbed a couple yards with no plan.

At some point in the last year I had picked up a bigger size of an out-of-print Built By Wendy pattern, Simplicity 4112. I had made it before (ten years ago!) in a beloved Kaffe Fassett rayon, but I had outgrown it.

I saw the pattern in my stash and boom! A fancy lady blouse in fancy tiger rayon:

This looks fancy but is actually super-simple to make–just 4 pattern pieces and no interfacing on the placket (it’s “grown on” so you just fold the fabric on itself). I used my narrow hem foot for the sleeves and my Bernina handled the buttonholes like a champ.

This was a delight to make–it’s so YELLOW!–and I think Doc and I have really hit our photographer/model stride. Really happy to have this decade’s version of the blouse in my closet.



*Reader, I am NEVER going to run out of fabric.