I made yet another pair of True Bias Hudson Pants to replace a similar stretched-out Old-Navy-circa-2013 pair of “around the house” pants.

I used a hefty French terry (from JoAnn); it didn’t have a ton of stretch so I cut a size up evenly. I also added an inch and a half to the length and, after years of the slightly-too-short Old Navy pair, the warmth of my ankles is delightful.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing the woven versions of this pattern out and about, maybe it’s because they’re new and actually fit me, but these feel almost dressy. I wore them to work from home last week (when I made Doc take my picture; spot the Toby reflection in the fireplace) and I can answer the door or get the mail without feeling like I’m going outside in my pajamas.

I’m wearing my Archer shirt from last fall with them here, and I wore my Driftless cardigan with them when I was avoiding pollen Sunday. I actually never thought I’d have a whole lounge-y array of things I’d made. Yay!