I’m not afraid to wear a lot of color or to mix prints, so it’s strange that something that’s black and white makes me feel so conspicuous–while wearing green shoes, a turquoise cardigan, and a navy polka-dotted dress and carrying an orange purse doesn’t.

I think it’s the print:

The pattern is vintage; I’m guessing 1965 or 66 (check out the print they used on the left!). I left off the bow on the collar because there was already enough going on.
I’ve been trying to fancy up my finishes lately–I’ve lined all the skirts I’ve made–but I didn’t want to engineer a lining for this. So instead I finished the seam edges with bias tape. (That takes a long time, by the way.)
Now if I can get some pointy-toed kitten heels and a Moscow Mule, I’ll be set.