One of the nice things about the blog is that I have an easily searchable record of events. Last week I was curious how long I took to make the t-shirt quilt, and it looks like I first mentioned it last November (after having the shirts for a few months already.) Then I cut down and interfaced shirts and made a plan for the top in February. I cut the shirts into squares in May and June,  sewed the squares together for the top in July, added a border last week, and now have the backing pieced.

Do you know what this means? It’s nearly done! (We’re taking it to be machine quilted and then my friend will do the binding.)

I couldn’t really get a good full shot of the front and back, because they are big and because this kept happening:

But here’s a view of part of the back with the top (you can see more of the top here).

I didn’t originally plan to piece the back border, but there was a ripple effect of bad math from the center being too small, so I had to add the orange corners to get the right length. But I like how it ties in with the front border now!

I’ll be honest, it feels a little strange to not have this at the back of my mind anymore. After I was done, I drank a toast to the original owner of the shirts, my friend’s husband, a musician and drum maker and a gentle soul. I hope this gives warmth and happiness to his family.