It’s either the season or the fact I want some things in my life to CHANGE, but I’ve had redecorating on my mind lately. The living room suddenly didn’t  work for me–too full of furniture, the coffee table wasn’t right, we need more bird feeders. I decided a new chair and a cocktail ottoman would fix things up…and remembered that we’ve had a lot of medical bills lately, both feline and human.

Then I saw this image from Reath Design of a coffee table with a tablecloth on it:

And realized I could cover things in fabric for FREE. I even had fabric in storage for it–the original curtain panel I made for the space eleven years ago. (Never throw anything away!) It was even the perfect lengthwise size, so I only had to cut about 30 inches off one end.

I hemmed it up, rotated the coffee table 90 degrees, and took the ottoman for the Eames lounger upstairs to open up some space. And blammo! “New” room for zero dollars.

And it’s Toby approved, of course–he’s always going to approve a fabric covered surface: