We had a “pirate party” to attend and I uncharacteristically decided to go for it and sew us almost-matching costumes:

I traditionally don’t enjoy sewing or wearing costumes or single-use clothing, but this all turned out pretty fun. I prioritized being comfortable (no masks, wigs, or makeup); I made sure Doc’s pants could be easily altered into lounge pants; and doing the ruffles on my shirt delighted me. (Ruffles are always delightful.)

I used McCalls 8131 and muslin I had on hand for both shirts, and the free 5 Out Of 4 pajama pants pattern and some poly/cotton from Joann for Doc’s lounge pants. Doc’s pants are the capri length and I’ll take out the elastic and hem them up for summer lounge pants.

My pants are ready made and just tucked into boots I had, Doc’s headscarf was a bandana I had, and my headband and the sashes are literally just lengths of fabric. (The sword was part of our friend’s costume but I got to carry it for the night. Arr!)

All in all, not a bad use of time or resources. And now we’re equipped for any future piratical events!