I had a blouse project not work out, so that’s thrown off my sewing schedule. (I moved on to a knit dress but it’s not done yet.) So today, let’s consider the afghan–people with craft blogs have been crocheting some really lovely, colorful ones:
(Photos all credited on my Pinterest.)

I (sort of) know how to crochet. I like colors. I think both Toby and I would love having a woolly blanket on the bed. But I am trying to go for a Hollywood Regency look in the bedroom; crocheted afghans are not particularly glamorous.

My other concern is that this would be a HUGE project, and I remember how it took me the better part of a year to finish the quilt. When there’s no payoff to get to wear the item, I lose a lot of motivation.

Of course, it’s not like I have lots of other things going on–I know I could get a head start on a fall sweater, but knitting sweaters when it is warm (or is SUPPOSED TO BE, WEATHER) just feels wrong. Hmm…