Here’s the first of two post-Christmas gift sewing roundups!  For my brother’s family, I made stockings out of wool felt. I used a template from Martha Stewart to get the stocking shape and then printed and cut out different clip art images of the botanicals to decide on a design before cutting out the felt freehand. Then I sewed all the felt pieces on with the sewing machine.

Once I started these they went pretty fast, and I was pleased they turned out how I pictured them. I tried to make the colors match their living room and the plants relate to their interests.

My brother loves corn, so he got corn:

My sister-in-law got a sunflower, which appears in their house a lot and ties back to her wedding:

And my nephew got wheat, because he is 3.5 years old and loves to play with his farm toys and the combine (his favorite) cuts wheat.

(I took these photos in a hurry before I wrapped everything–the colors in the first photograph are the most true but I wanted to show some stitching details on the others.)