Originally I had planned on making a two-tone Cynthia Rowley dress. I had some leftover wool jersey from the dress in February to use for the bodice and I got a yard of Liberty for the skirt. I was picturing a lovely end-of-summer dress.

But as I still haven’t learned, the cut on her patterns are odd. I sewed the bodice before cutting into the skirt fabric (maybe I am learning a little), and it’s just too low cut. It’s a lovely end-of-summer party dress, but I don’t really go to parties. I suppose I can throw a skirt onto the bodice if a party ever does come up, but I didn’t want to waste the Liberty on something I’d only wear once a year.

So I made the skirt fabric into another button-back top. This time I went with version 3, with the cut-out in front and the ties. Here it is with the sailor skirt, if you can make it out

And here’s a close up, which brings me to pattern placement: Doesn’t the cut-out look like a mouth, and don’t the two dark blue daisies on my shoulders look like eyes? NOM NOM NOM!!
I only had a yard of fabric to work with, so I probably couldn’t have done anything about that even if I had noticed. I’m just glad I can’t see it when I’m wearing it.