I used to wear a cardigan over a t-shirt or turtleneck about every day in high school. I don’t know why I stopped–style change, I guess–but 20-something years later, I’ve rediscovered them. This time, of course, I’m making them:

This one is out of a gorgeous German cotton sweater knit from Jumping June Textiles (I got a lucky remnant) and the pattern is the Marlo Sweater from True Bias. Looking at mine vs. the pattern pic, I clearly ignored the suggested button placement, but it’s fine. No issues sewing or fitting, although this knit is drapier than the stable knit the pattern calls for.

Cardigans are great for regulating heat as you move around or the house warms up during the day (how had I forgotten this?). I already have another longer one planned in polar fleece–gotta make up for lost time.