There’s nothing like seeing your man in a hospital gown for four days to make you realize he’s due for some fresh underwear. I mean, I do the laundry, so I was aware the pairs I’d made him with Joann knit had lost most of their color and that the elastic was going, but it becomes a little more urgent when the entire world can see it, too.

Fortunately, I’d already been buying some better knits to make him more undies for Christmas, so I just bumped up the schedule.

These are both sold out now but the raccoons (Raccacoonie!) were from Nature’s Fabrics and the cats were from Jumping June Textiles. The pattern is the Greenstyle Walbrook Boxer Briefs and I sewed both of these up Sunday in about 90 minutes.

At some point in the last few years I’ve become a knit snob and the Euro stuff (especially from Jumping June) is indeed worth the price tag. It doesn’t fade, it doesn’t bag out, and it’s just such a nice quality–smooth and thick. I sincerely hope we never see the inside of a hospital again, but it’s good to have deluxe new undies anyway.