I’ve been wanting some of those personalized “Made by” labels for a while now, but I haven’t bought any because they just seem so obvious: I know I made my dress. And it’s not as if I sell anything I make or sew for other people who might need to know. It just seems like a clever touch–something to make it less homemade and more custom-made.

Happily, last week on a craft blog I saw a link to someone selling “brocaded alphabet ribbons” on Etsy. I immediately thought, “I could cut the ribbon apart and have little initials to use as labels!” and in fact the seller says that that’s what they’re used for in Italy. 2.5 meters of the initial K are are on their way. Now no one will be able to sneak away with my homemade clothes.

In actual sewing news, I want to try to get two more dresses made before I go on vacation at the end of this month. One’s already cut out, so I think that’s a reasonable goal. Check back next Tuesday.