Dear Beehive Tearoom,

I am over you. Your signs are getting more aggressive*, your teas are now upwards of $5 a pot (!), and your wait times–perhaps because of your aggressive signage–are the longest they’ve been in the six years I’ve been visiting you.

Beehive Tearoom, I love the thought that you serve delicious teas and pastries, but if I’m full of fear and can’t afford your delicacies, it’s really not worth it anymore.

Also, why are you serving beer? And hipster beer, at that? Does a tearoom that’s open until 6:30 really have a demand for PBR? I expected better from you. I expected tea from you.

So, Beehive Tearoom, don’t expect me to be back. I just can’t overlook things like this any longer.

Signed disappointedly,

*One of the many aggressive signs: “Preparing tea takes time. If you do not have the time or patience to wait, please come back when you do.” (Another aggressive sign tells us that wait times are typically “15-40 minutes.” For tea? Are they building a fire on which to boil the kettle?)