OK, this isn’t really made from a blanket. But it’s a knit, so it’s about as comfy as wrapping a blanket around you, and the print was called “Navajo Blanket” (from here).


For this one, I used a pattern that calls for woven fabrics (Burda 8155; last used in 2010)  and just left out the darts and put elastic in the waistband. I lengthened it a bit, since that seems to be the style now (according to Pinterest, at least).


This was my first time working with “ponte de roma” knit, which is a more stable, thicker knit (think double-knit polyester–the stuff pantsuits used to be made out of). If that sounds horrible to you, all I can say is that those pantsuit-wearing ladies knew what was what: ponte knit is still stretchy, but it’s thick and stable enough that any bumps and bulges are pretty well camouflaged. Plus, you feel like you’re wearing yoga pants all day.