Doc suggested a skate party right around the time this amazing Ruby Star rayon came out. I ordered 3 yards for the grooviest disco Amy Jumpsuit you’d ever seen–except that when I started to lay out my jumpsuit pattern for cutting, I realized Ruby Star rayon was only 45″ wide and I didn’t have enough.

I scrambled and found a Butterick pattern (B6714) that ended up being even more perfect: the same flowiness I wanted from the Amy Jumpsuit but none of the dangers of a skate getting stuck in a really wide leg (and, let’s be honest, more appropriate to the venue, which really isn’t a “glamorous jumpsuit” sort of place).

I love how it turned out. The cape on the back was DEEPLY satisfying to skate in, as were the huge sleeves. Construction-wise, it was really fast; I couldn’t visualize how the cape and the back yoke got attached and turned but I just followed the instructions and it worked out.

At this point in life, how many things can you say that about?