I haven’t made a lot of underwear this year because I was still really stocked up from last year’s frenzy. But I went fabric shopping (mostly) locally and got some knits and saw a new pattern and now I have three pairs of even BIGGER underwear–one with RAINBOW BRITE elastic!

The pattern is the Ohh Lulu Cabin Shorties and I’m really loving them under dresses or wide leg pants (or without pants at all). The legs are finished with a baby hem and the cover stitch does such a good job with it.

The fabric in the back was from Harmony and the apples in the middle were a good find at Nuttall’s. They’re both Kaufman knits, which are high quality. The print in the front (from Jumping June Textiles online) is a European knit and after working on a few projects, I’m realizing Euro knits are the Ferrari of cottons–just butter smooth, impossible to fade, cool but substantial. (Plus they come in amazing prints.)

These were fun and fast and got me excited about print + elastic combos…I think I’ll be making more!