My doubts about the longevity of the space tights were justified: I wore them to a second workout and the stitches holding the elastic to the inner waist all popped. So I decided to make one more trial pair before I cut into the good stuff.

Beta test results were mixed, but overall positive: This pair has survived three workouts and washes so far!

The positive:

  • This is a far more breathable fabric than the space print swim spandex (it’s from my localĀ  JoAnn, labeled as a “microflex compression” and it’s really thick and smoothing).
  • The stitches holding the elastic to the inner waist didn’t pop because I used stretch thread in the bobbin of my regular sewing machine (thanks to this tip).
  • I made the version of the Super G tights with side POCKETS. My tights have POCKETS! That held my phone securely through glute bridges and back extensions!
  • This pattern seriously makes the most comfortable pair of tights I’ve worn. I am not a “lounge around in leggings” person because they are all too tight, but these Super Gs somehow stay up and don’t budge without making me feel like my pants have turned into a boa constrictor. I didn’t change immediately after Sunday’s workout and realized I was lounging around in leggings–in comfort!

The negative:

  • I still had issues with the three-needle flatlock seams coming out along the waistband. I was able to mend the popped stitches so they’re wearable but it looks a little chewed up, as you can see below. My shirt covers the most egregious mends so I’m still wearing this pair (because POCKETS)–but I’m switching to a four-thread flatlock for future pairs.
Side view with pocket (!). At the top, you can see the zigzag stitches attaching the elastic to the inner waistband. You can see the mend on the vertical waistband seam.


I’ve been thinking that I don’t need to make any more clothes to wear to the office, so being able to channel the sewing energy towards something functional is really great. I’m going to have the fanciest wardrobe of tights instead!