I’m not shy about wearing really loud prints or really big prints, but this fabric made me question myself: It’s a print of Mexican loteria cards that I loved online, but that just screamed “fortune teller” in person. But I had ordered enough to make a dress, so I thought I’d better make a dress. I was so relieved when I saw the bodice wasn’t working and I could make it into a skirt.

Because it doesn’t scream “fortune teller” at all as a skirt. Not at all. (I wore it yesterday and caught someone reading my skirt during a meeting.)

Other things I’m glad are not a dress:
A pillow, finally finished. It’s for the living room but it got its picture taken in the kitchen, where the light is better. The back is knitted, but it needs a button, so I’m not showing it off.

Another thing I’m glad isn’t a dress– no, wait, this is going to be a dress:
It will be another big full skirted 50’s dress with a square neck, so I can pretend I’m in “Roman Holiday.” Except the print is of Venice. Venetian Holiday!