Here’s a gray hoodie and some more fall leaves (this time, from an evening Millcreek jaunt):

This is Jalie 2795 and it was a delight to sew, despite the plain grayness of it. I’m becoming a big fan of Jalie patterns–the drafting and details just make for a really professional look.

This is essentially a collared jacket with a hood attached. That means you can pull your hood up really snug around your chin but also that it’s going to sit around your neck pretty tightly, as you can see above. I like it, but it’s not your standard hood-attached-to-the-neckline fit, where the hood hangs halfway down your back.

The hood itself is drafted in three pieces so it sits really well on your head–there’s no drawstring but it’s not going to blow off.

Fit-wise, I didn’t add any length to the sleeves and they come to my knuckles–and I have really long arms for my height. I made a straight size “V” per my measurements and didn’t have to make any alterations. (If I make it again, I might add an inch to the sleeves and make thumb holes in the cuffs).

I did end up adding a zip pocket on the sleeve. I’m not completely happy with how it turned out, but it works (and I am happy about those welts on the main pockets). Considering this fleece was so beefy that I broke two different needles topstitching the zipper, I think it all turned out OK.

So there you go–I’m surprised how much I liked sewing something so plain, and I’m already wearing this a lot. Am I going to be someone who sews…basics?  What’s next, jeans?