I was wondering last week why I felt so thwarted (creatively speaking) and realized I haven’t finished any new sewing projects in a month. (The denim dress I was working on the last few weeks did not work. Goodbye, denim dress.) I also realized I hadn’t had a day off just to be home and sew in a month, so I took Friday off to pick up the bike and make a dress.This reminds me of cowboys, for no particular reason. Maybe it’s the topstitching, which is getting lost in the print but can be seen if you click on the picture below.

On a roll from the Friday/Saturday dressmaking (that worked! and was cute!) I made some placemats on Sunday from oilcloth:

They’re reversible, although my camera didn’t like taking pictures of all that blue and tried to make it pink:

So a good weekend. I can wear my cowboy dress and serve
huevos rancheros on my placemats and sing Gene Autry songs.