On Labor Day I worked in a self-imposed sweatshop and got my costume mostly finished. Not only was I making one full-length coat, it’s all lined–so really, I made two. I had about nine hours to regret my decision to make a costume, but in the end I’m happy with how it turned out.

Here it is “staged”on the dress form, minus the hooks and eyes I need to sew to get it to close in front. There will be a lot more accessories and a big belt, too, if I can find one in the next two days:
And here it is seconds after completion in the final moment of truth–will it fit? Is it cool?

Yes to both, I think. It’s fun to wear, even over hiking shorts and a yoga top.

I realize I’ve turned the “vintage” photo filters on these up to 11 and they’re just bad sewing room pics, but never fear:  the company photographer is also attending Comic Con so there will be more action shots to post after the weekend.