Remember when I took days off from my old job to sew? I was a lot less busy there, but I didn’t like it half so much. And I had no fancy title.

I am taking the Friday before Labor Day off, though, ostensibly to hike Bald Mountain for the 29 Things and continue the tradition of doing something beyond our fitness level on Labor Day. However, it’s one thing to get stranded on the Jordan River Parkway, like last year, and another thing entirely to get caught in a lightning storm (or even snow) on top of a peak in the Uintas.

Which is all just a long intro to the fact that I bought more fabric to add to the fall project pile, just in case we don’t hike and I have four days to sew:

This is a Japanese import and it’s gauze, which I’ve never worked with before. I saw that Kara made a darling skirt from a print from the same line and was inspired. I thought the fabric would lend itself well to a tunic and the print would look really good with navy. Because even if I don’t get as many days off in this job, I can buy blazers now.

Oh, J. Crew. My on-again, off-again relationship with you just continues to cause me trouble.