The deadline to enter anything I’ve sewn or knitted in the state fair is fast approaching, so I’d better decide if I’m going to enter or not. I’ve sewn a lot over the past year, certainly, but no project is jumping out at me as particularly fair-worthy. Last year’s entries were a silk dress and a jacket–kind of big, impressive pieces–but this year my quilt certainly won’t be ready in time,* and I’m still wearing the robe and pajamas, so I don’t know.

As for knitting, I think the owl sweater is a candidate, but in my years of fair-going I’ve noticed that the judges tend to favor huge intarsia projects straight out of 1986:
And I still feel much more shy about my knitting getting judged than my sewing, although I think I do a pretty good job finishing.

Maybe I won’t enter anything; maybe my state fair phase is ending, like the derby phase (haven’t been to one in two years). Although if I don’t go, where will I ever eat funnel cake again? Lots to consider..

*I dropped the quilt off to be machine-quilted two weeks ago, hooray! I think there’s another week to go before I get it back and have to do the binding. (Not hooray.)