I’m turning 40 in a few months and I’ve been playing with the idea of celebrating with a trip to Hawaii. We haven’t made any reservations yet but I’ve already started thinking about vacation sewing, so….I guess there’s a high likelihood of this trip happening.

Vacation sewing thoughts started when I saw this New Look pattern, which features his-and-hers Hawaiian shirts.

Clearly I needed to make one for Doc!

Since this was a new pattern I didn’t want to get too fancy with my fabric in case it didn’t fit. (It fits great! Follow the chest measurements and trust the ease in the pattern.)

Reader, I used quilting cotton for this–but LOOK at that print:

Cats dressed as geisha, with human hands, riding turtles and koi? OK! Doc picked this one out of a lineup of possibilities and what can I say? He has great taste in fabric.