All of  the handmade Christmas presents are made now! First up, I finished the  scarf for the work gift exchange last Friday: IMG_1888Details: Red Heart Yarn “Stellar” (not too bad for acrylic and it had very fashionable metallic threads in it) and my own pattern–provisional cast on, garter stitch for about 30 inches, and three-needle bind off.

I may even have gotten carried away trying to be the MOST on-trend crafter at work and made a couple pom-poms for the gift wrap: IMG_1855No one was all that impressed by the pom-poms, though.

I also whipped up a few lavender sachets for a little gift for my best friend, Mr. Sunday Night Conversation: IMG_1857(My real gift is usually a nice dinner, but I know he will appreciate sachets. He’s good like that.)

I used lavender from my border out front and scraps of deeply masculine (ahem) oxford and wools from old projects. I even had the ribbon in my gift wrap supplies: IMG_1860 You’d think I planned it.