(Yes, everything is going to be a metaphor now.)

Remember back in June when I tried making a Lou Box Top and my reaction was “meh”? It continued to be “meh” and the top remained unworn. Meanwhile, I started eyeballing the True Bias Ogden Cami. The old me would never want to show off that much shoulder or back, but the new gym-going me is Hulking out and has arm and back muscles she didn’t know existed.

However, I thought I’d better try a muslin first before I got any good fabric for the Ogden Cami, so the Lou Box Top got a new lease on life:

I had to angle the pattern pieces to fit, which means it’s about an inch less full at the hem, but I think that works to counteract the extra body of the cotton lawn. This is going to be amazing in a rayon, I think. And I’m going to be really happy wearing it and showing off my gains.