In my new incarnation as Active Girl, I’ve discovered that active wear companies sell more than the actual active wear–they also sell comfy knit dresses that you picture someone even more active than you pulling on after yoga, or wearing walking around a ski town and drinking beer after an active day. (I am a sucker for marketing, no matter what lifestyle it’s promoting.)

The issue? The dresses are all at least $80, and they are all in earth tones. So I decided to try copying this one:

I used the basic t-shirt pattern in my trusty Built By Wendy knits book, then added length and width by tracing a Lands End polo dress I wore all summer. Add a length of fabric to make a cowl and blammo: a pretty good copy of the dress, not in boring gray.

I may go back and add a kangaroo pocket to the front, since pockets are always useful and that would make it look more (wait for it)….active.