After using a lot of spandex scraps and lace and Spoonflower poly jersey, I’m having a cotton moment for underwear again. I saw this print at Jumping June Textiles and clicked “buy” so fast my finger bones might have fractured.

I couldn’t focus on much last week but I did get the longline Watson bra and bikini cut out. When the election results came in Saturday, it seemed fitting to sew up a sunrise-and-flowers set over the weekend.

That accidentally perfect acid yellow straps and picot elastic came from a grab bag from Tailor Made Shop; the tiny pom pom elastic on the inner cups and legs is from Bra Builders.

I’m fully lining the Watson bras now (based on how the Mara is constructed) so this is a fairly supportive bra for being made of cotton/lycra. It’s also just so damn happy. Pretty pleased with this one.