Saturday morning I slept late and decided not to do anything more productive than sewing. The sun was streaming in, I put a blanket down for Toby, and I started working on my ankara print maxi skirt. I was making the pattern up as I went but wanted to add pockets, so I had to figure out how to include both a zipper and a pocket in a seam. (This tutorial helped a lot.) I sewed the lining, I sewed the zipper/pocket side and felt really clever, I sewed up the other side–and then realized I’d made a rookie mistake:

You’re supposed to cut pockets out of the same fabric as your skirt, not out of lining fabric.That way you don’t get a big flash of contrasting material along the pocket openings.

I used every scrap of my two yards of ankara print to get the skirt pieces, so  unpicking it and redoing it isn’t an option. Plus, the lining fabric I picked makes the whole thing too stiff and heavy. So this project went into time out for a little bit. Sometimes you just have to walk away…