If you had told me ten years ago in my heyday of ballet flats and pencil skirts that I’d be making a drop crotch jumpsuit, I wouldn’t have believed you. But these weird giant one-pieces are everywhere fashiony and my new dressing goal is to utterly reject the male gaze–so when I had nearly 3 yards of twill that was too heavy for pants and some time on my hands at the tail end of being sick, I thought, “Let’s go for it.”

Why are there no photos of my project so far, you ask? Because it looks like a clown suit on the hanger. I mean, I think it also looks like a clown suit on the body, but maybe in more of an art student way than a clown college way? The jury’s still out until I finish. Until then, enjoy these fashun photos of similar jumpsuits that retail for $400:

Rachel Comey via Garmentory
Ilana Kohn via Garmentory

This is the pattern I used–it’s kind of a pain to tape PDF tiled patterns together but I love how instant they are. I got the pattern ready Thursday, cut it out Friday, and got it all together enough to assess the fit by Sunday.