I finished all sixteen of my scrappy blocks over the weekend, still burning with Quilt Fever. Like I said last week, I gradually figured out “value” while making these–it’s not enough to contrast colors, like I was doing at first; you need to consider how dark or how light each color reads and contrast that.

But the thing about traditional quilt blocks is they’re traditional for a reason. Even with my less-than-ideally contrasting blocks, you can use the dark and light halves to make larger patterns and end up with a fairly cohesive quilt.

For example, did you want to make a giant sawtooth star out of your blocks? It kind of works!

Or you could try the traditional log cabin “sunshine and shadows” arrangement, where the lights and darksĀ  make diamonds that blend into each other.

There are many, many more options for log cabin block layouts here. Will I try all of them before I decide? Probably. If you need me, I’ll be squinting at a wall covered in flannel in the sewing room.