Not only am I on a knits kick and feeling inspired, I’m back on a budget and wanting to sew EVERYTHING myself instead of buying it. This was probably the perfect storm of a time to discover sewing blogs and instructions for making your own lingerie.

There are so many detailed tutorials out there! And step-by-step instructions! And lists of where to find all the supplies! (You can even get kits on Etsy!) And people are making some really pretty things:
bras-and-undies(Made and photographed by Cloth Habit, my favorite newly discovered lingerie/sewing blog)

There’s even a free (yay!) pattern from Cloth Habit to try out a pair of underwear, which may have to happen. rosy-ladyshorts-graphic

This is a brave new world of DIY and knits, I tell you. We’ll see if I end up doing it (and end up blogging about it!).